Ofsted Parent View


‘This is a good school.’

‘The Headteacher and Deputy Headteachers have high expectations of everyone.’

‘Governors are effective. They provide appropriate challenge and support to senior leaders and check that responsibilities are met.’

‘Senior leaders have an accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness.’

‘Staff share senior leaders’ motivations and are striving to provide high-quality care and education for each individual pupil.’

‘The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. The school works very well to challenge other agencies to take action to support vulnerable pupils.’‘Teachers use assessment information to plan lessons that challenge and support pupils’ differing needs well. Consequently, pupils across the school make good progress from their starting points in reading, writing and mathematics.’

‘The curriculum is carefully organised to meet pupils’ wide-ranging abilities. The curriculum is interesting and facilitates personal development. The curriculum provides appropriate pathways that enable pupils to achieve well across the range of subjects.’

‘Around the school, pupils behave well. Staff support pupils to make the right choices and set clear expectations for behaviour.’

‘Personal development and equality is at the heart of the school’s work. Pupils develop positive attitudes to learning and develop confidence because there are many opportunities to do so.’

‘Pupils are confident and friendly. Leaders prioritise pupils’ personal development and the curriculum reflects this. Bullying is rare. They are confident that adults will help them if they have a problem. Staff help pupils to develop resilience and sustain concentration on tasks.’

Pupils’ attendance is …well above that for special schools. Leaders work very well with families and other professionals to keep absence rates low.’

‘Social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding and British values are well promoted. Pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.’

‘Equal opportunities are at the heart of the school’s work.’

‘Leaders ensure that pupils know about discrimination and the impact it can have on others.’

‘Teaching enables pupils to make good progress across the curriculum. Teachers use assessment information well to help them decide the next steps for pupils’ learning.’

‘Mathematics achievement is a strength of the school. Pupils benefit from practical lessons that make links to real-life learning. Pupils make particularly strong progress in mathematics.’

‘Pupils are participating in a wider range of sports and making good progress in physical development.’

‘Outcomes for pupils are good’

‘Children in the early years …. settle well into school and achieve well because staff support them closely.’

‘Learners in the sixth form are well prepared for the next stage in education or employment.’

Ofsted Report 2016


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