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Vegetable portraits



John Watson School Science afternoon –

Download (PDF, 2.58MB)


Photos from our Forest Hill (KS1) and Holton (EY)  Class – Spring term 2018.







Photos from our Riverside KS2 Class – Spring term 2018.






Sixth Form visits Bike-ability at Horspath Athletics Track twice a month to work on their fitness and Gross Motor Skills.

They aim to do a mile each session.


Key Stage 3 & 4 Students enjoying Sensory Maths at Venison house.


Sarah Bearchell, who is from Sarah’s Adventures in Science, led a Science session with Key stage 3 students.

The students did fantastic hands on experiments where they measured a spring onion, and planted it in a greenhouse to grow, they also planted cress seeds in a pot.



Careers advice for Shotover Class (Key Stage 3/4). Student’s joined in with a range of Sensory Based Activities to support their understanding of different jobs. They focused on three different career paths; Building Industry, Hair & Beauty and Food Technology.

Using Switches to activate songs on the Interactive Whiteboard.


Exploring activities related to the building industry.

Food Technology Activities.