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John Watson school is split across two sites in Wheatley.



Our Primary Provision:

Two to Eleven Year olds are based at the site we share with Wheatley Nursery School

We share a large campus with Wheatley Primary School (which is controlled by the ODST Multi Academy Trust).


The main school office serving John Watson School and Wheatley Nursery School is located at the Primary site.


The Clinical Nurse works across both sites, as do the NHS Therapy staff.






We aim for a high staff to pupil ratio across the age range. In practice this usually means class sizes of around 9 pupils with 4 staff.





Our Secondary Provision:

Secondary age pupils are based at the Steve Drywood building on the campus of Wheatley Park School.

This structure is designed to help us achieve our aim of enabling pupils to mix with mainstream peers, and for both groups to understand and accept each other as individuals and friends.

There are varied arrangements to ensure that secondary pupils are accessing the mainstream campus, including using The Bistro at lunch, ICT Suite, Library, Dance Studio, and Venison House Garden. We have regular arrangements to provide reverse inclusion as a way of enabling Wheatley Park to mix socially with our students.