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Family Links

John Watson School is a Family Links school. Family Links trains parenting support practitioners and school staff who want to use the ‘Nurturing Programme’ in their work with parents and children. All classes follow the nurturing programme which is explained below. More information can be found on the Family Links Website.


The Nurturing Programme

The Nurturing Programme provides simple, effective tools to help adults and children

  • understand and manage feelings and behaviour
  • improve relationships at home and in school
  • improve emotional health and wellbeing
  • develop self-confidence and self-esteem; crucial ingredients for effective parenting and learning

Adults are given tips on how to

  • build on pre-existing parenting skills
  • use positive behaviour management, communication and relationship strategies
  • look after their own emotional needs, so they can parent more effectively

The Nurturing Programme is a Universal Programme that

  • increases the well-being of all families
  • is an effective vehicle for change in vulnerable ones
  • uses ideas and products developed specifically for the UK

What the 10-week Nurturing Programme covers

Schools & Early Years Nurturing Programme

For children aged 3-13
10 week Programme repeated termly
Delivered in Circle Time as part of Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education
Nurturing Programme underpins school ethos

Parents Nurturing Programme

For children aged 0-18
10 week Programme
2 Hours once a week
Matches Children’s Topics

What Children and Parents Cover

Family/Classroom Rules
Praise & Criticism
Time out… to calm down
Personal Power, Choices & Consequences
Feelings & What We Do With Them
Anger & How To Deal With It
Kinds of Touch & Nurturing Ourselves
Ages & Stages in Children’s Development
Issues Around Sex – Helping Children Stay Safe
Behaviour to Ignore
Problem-Solving & Negotiation
Continuing the Nurturing Programme Beyond the 10 Weeks

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