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Clinical Nurse Specialist


My name is Kim Willoughby and I am the Clinical Nurse Specialist at John Watson School.  I am a registered children’s nurse and part of my role is to enable all children to access education regardless of their health needs and to ensure we meet these health needs while in education.

Part of my role is health advice, and to enable us to keep a healthy school, please follow the advice below which follows guidelines from the Health Protection Agency:

  1.      If your child has diarrhoea or vomits they should be kept off school until they have 48 hours free from either diarrhoea or                vomiting.
  2.      If your child has had, or been in contact with, any infectious diseases, i.e. chicken pox, please advise the school so we can            protect other children and staff.
  3.      If your child has a rash or skin lesions please contact your GP for advice.

Additionally, please note:

  • All medications should be given at home unless absolutely required during the school day.  If your child needs medication in school please contact me for advice. You will also need to complete a consent form.
  • We don’t give paracetamol in school unless you request us to and complete the relevant consent form.
  • We do not give antibiotics in school unless prescribed by the GP for 4 times a day.

You can contact me using the school telephone number or by e-mail to kim.willoughby@oxfordhealth.nhs.uk.