Measures in place for welcoming more pupils into school

Here are just some of the ways we are adapting to the new requirements, and some suggestions about how you might help:

-Our ‘recovery’ curriculum will be informed on our Core Values (SLICE) but have a particular focus on mental health and personal and social development. Please help us by maintaining especially good communication with us during this time, so we know how your child is responding when not on site.

-We have planned in extra time for washing hands and extra cleaning during the school day, as a key measure of infection control. Please help us teach your child the importance of handwashing, by rehearsing thorough handwashing at home.

As we will be  learning outdoors for as much of the day as possible, please  provide a sun hat, and apply sun cream before your child comes to school. 

We are keen that your child does not bring in anything from home that is not needed, so one small school bag is permitted.

Each child will be allocated a labelled cup and plate which will only be used by them and washed after each use. 

We are in the process of setting up electronic communications through Google Classroom for diaries and weekly learning. 

Children will be allowed individual access to touch sensory materials such as playdough, and  shaving foam.

Communication books,  boards and symbols will only be used by individuals and exercise books will not be shared

School Reading Books will be managed to avoid multiple handling by pupils during the same day.

Children will be allocated pencils and stationery which will try to prevent being used by their peers.

control measures link on website

Key Work required before the school will be ready to admit pupils includes (not exhaustive list):

Staff /Pupil related measures….

1.confirm staff have child care themselves and will be available for work ;

2 Training staff in new procedures to keep their pupils and themselves safe ;

3.Revise Curriculum and adapt activities to reflect new COVID19 control measures dovetailed to EHCPs and SLICE guiding principles 

4.Review Risk Assessments, including at the individual level 

Site related measures….

Primary Site

-Complete the car park, gates and fencing ;

-Complete  handover of the four new classrooms on the primary site ; and install furniture/equipment;

-Obtain permission to use the Register Office in order to hold meetings, train staff, provide a staffroom;

– Organise more shade in the outdoor areas;

-Replace carpets in 3 areas with lino

Secondary Site…

-Designate Sixth form hut as secondary site staff room and for visitors; 

-Deep clean and recommission the Steve Drywood Building ( closed for the past 10 weeks) ;

-Replace carpets in 2 classrooms with lino.

May 18th 2020

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