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Reading and Phonics

From Key Stage 1 (5-7 yr olds) the teaching of reading incorporates the principles of Letters and Sounds to promote high quality phonics teaching, where appropriate.  We acknowledge that ‘skilled word reading’ requires an ‘understanding that the letters on the page represent the sounds in spoken words.’ (National Curriculum for English KS1/2 –Draft DfE (2012)

From Ks1 onwards, those with the necessary prerequisite skills, follow a highly structured, systematic synthetic phonics approach, called Sound Reading.


Others follow a whole word /or picture-symbol approach.  We place a strong emphasis on storytelling, imaginative play and role play to promote an interest in exploring books and reading for pleasure and to improve language comprehension skills.


John Watson School and Wheatley Park School Library

By visiting the Library on a regular basis, students from JWS of all ages have the opportunity to choose a book to borrow and take back to school or even home. They are offered the choice of a fiction or non-fiction book. Should it be appropriate they have the opportunity to use the Library catalogue on the computers to find the Dewey number and then use that to find the books on the shelves. They then need to choose between books on the topic they have asked for and may well need to use the index to see if a book has the particular subject they have asked for.